Owie, My Arm

December 30, 2008 at 9:28 am | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Huh?, Washington Capitals | 4 Comments

I’m much better now, Dear Readers, I promise.  I tend to get a little testy when I get the Gardasil shots.  (After my second one in August I had a total meltdown when I couldn’t find the toothpaste, and last night I actually cried during “The O.C.”  Sure, it was the episode where Marissa died, but I had seen it before.  And it’s “The O.C.”)  I’m ready to go hit the funeral and then party at HSBC.  I’m sure it’s what Aunt Dodie would have wanted.

My jersey, hat, and jeans are packed, the tickets are in my pocket, and I’ve sent threatening letters to the Sabres.  (Dear Sabres,  I am not afraid to start openly rooting for the Capitals tonight.  I want to root for you.  Overall, I like you guys better [although the Caps have better random video features on their website], and would rather pull for you.  But if you start falling apart out there, be reminded that it’s not that hard to take a hat off.   With Love, Frostee)  The sign kind of crashed and burned when my dad tried to hijack it and put something about how awesome we think Joe Beninati is.  I love Joe, but didn’t really feel like advertising it.  Sorry.

And apparently today after the funeral my presence is required at the Eagle House, because apparently it is my job to entertain my second cousin six times removed who happens to be my age.  I know nothing of this kid, other than that he’s from Virginia, is “very outgoing,” according to Grandma, and told my mom when she was visiting Dodie last year that he was disappointed I hadn’t come because he wanted to show me his DVD collection.  Good grief.  I would MUCH RATHER stalk various hockey players with Cari, but OH NO.  Why do I always have to spent time with the creepy boys?  I mean, come on.  

And just in case you were wondering, my uncle is completely crazy.  He drove out for the funeral today from Detroit, and last night we had him over for dinner.  In between teasing him about the Lions and discussing the economy, he mentioned how he had tickets for the Blackhawks/Red Wings game tonight but give them up.  HUH?!?!?  Detroit is not that far away, if I recall.  He could have easily gone to the funeral and then made it back to the Joe for the seven o’clock start time!  We were shocked.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone.  Go Capitals Sabres!!!


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  1. Sorry you can’t come stalk the hotties with me… Actually, I’m not doing any stalking today, either, unless Alex decides to go to the Galleria Mall while I’m there searching for something to wear tomorrow and Saturday… But if I see him I’ll be sure to take about 1 million pictures, have him sign a bunch of shit, and have him call you on the phone. Good deal?

    • But if I see him I’ll be sure to take about 1 million pictures, have him sign a bunch of shit, and have him call you on the phone. Good deal?
      I swear if the phone ever rings and I hear his accent on the other end I will honestly drop dead.

  2. Thought you’d like to hear what BB said about Crunchy… This comes from the Washington Post Caps Insider guy Tarik El Bashir…

    *Jose Theodore will start in net tonight and oppose Ryan Miller, a goalie Boudreau said called “top-5” in the league. Backup Patrick Lalime was in net when the Caps beat the Sabres in Washington, 3-2, last week.

    “Let’s not forget that Ryan Miller is net,” he said. “Not to take anything away from Patrick, but Ryan Miller is one of the top-5 goalies in the league. He can win games by himself.”

    BB has Crunchy love!

    • BB has Crunchy love!
      and I have BB love

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