Friday Ramblings: Boxing Day Edition

December 26, 2008 at 1:12 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Happy!!, Patrick Lalime, Randomness, Ryan Miller | 2 Comments

Happy Boxing Day, Dear Readers!  Can you believe Christmas is already over?

  • Waking up at eight this morning was SO worth it.  We got a ton of great deals, and I finally found a pair of hot gray skinny jeans to wear with the teal top I got.  Phew.
  • I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH my new Ovechkin dress jersey.  Sure, it’s so big that I could wear it without pants and not look like a slut (it’s even longer than my Homecoming dress), and sure the sleeves are redonkulously long, but it’s gorgeous.  And I (hopefully) won’t even look that weird, because according to the guy in the store today, Reebok makes very few size small jerseys.  And they were all sold out when my parents finally ordered the thing, and since it wasn’t even supposed to come for several more weeks, I’m not going to complain.  I’ll just role up the sleeves and work that bad boy tonight and in HSBC on Tuesday.
  • Lala is starting tonight.  Huh.  I realize that December 26 is the day in the season when the most backup goalies are used, but I really thought Lindy would have him start for the Islanders tomorrow since he enjoyed success against them back at the beginning of the season.  Fingers crossed that Alex and the boys don’t embarrass him too much.
  • I got a Ryan Miller poster for Christmas as well, because apparently it was like $.50 at the middle school bookstore.  I don’t even care, because the look Miller has on his face is the funniest thing I have ever seen.  He is giving the death glare.  It is SO getting hung up on The Wall.
  • The phone just rang and no one answered it.  You may be wondering why I am telling you this.  Well, it’s because when we checked the number of the missed call, it was the Washington, D.C., area code.  I squealed for about ten minutes and then we called the number.  It was some charity asking for money.  I really wish we hadn’t called, because then I would have been able to tell everyone that Alex Ovechkin called my house but I missed his call because I was reading the article on Cute is What We Aim For in the paper.  (I can’t wait till the concert!  I love Shaant)
  • Don’t ever play Apples to Apples with your 86 and 90 year-old grandparents.  Please, just don’t.
  • I think I figured out what I’m going to put on my sign.  I’m probably just going to write “Ovie always scores a goal when I watch!”  
  • Funniest part of the weekend?  When I told my grandfather that I was going to wear my new jersey to the game on Tuesday and he became genuinely concerned for my safety.  Heh.  I love how he’s afraid that the batshit crazy fans of Buffalo will try to kill me for wearing an Ovechkin jersey to the game.
  • I want to thank everyone for the lovely holiday greetings.  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!  (Or whatever holiday/non-holiday you  celebrate)


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  1. Waking up at eight this morning was SO worth it.

    Ummm, try waking up at 5 to be at my friend’s house at 6. That was fun, but yes, so worth it.

    And I’m really glad/jealous about your Ovie jersey!!!!!!!! Don’t get killed at the game, though, okay?

    Also, FYI, I went to school with Jeff from Cute throughout my entire life. I can’t tell you how many Cute shirts I have in my dresser. They got a lot of money out of me…

    • Don’t get killed at the game, though, okay?
      haha i’ll try not to. hopefully if i wear my sabres hat they won’t think i’m too much of a traitor.
      I went to school with Jeff
      if i told my friend that she’d kill you…she absolutely LOVES jeff. she wants to stake out the tour bus and tackle him 🙂

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