Alex Ovechkin Sent Me A Candy Cane Gram! (47) (I TOTALLY agree with Semin)

December 23, 2008 at 3:26 pm | Posted in 65 Reasons I Love A.M.O., Alex Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, Losing Sucks, Sidney Crosby, This Irks Me, Thought-provoking Stuff | 3 Comments

I was just sitting there in homeroom, minding my own business, when the teacher brings me one of the candy cane grams she was delivering.  It read, “To: Emily Frost  From: Ovechkin  Message:  ❤ Happy Holidays!  I’ll see you soon.”  I about died laughing.  (And you wanna know the craziest part?  Alex’s handwriting is exactly like my friend’s.  It’s identical.  They even use the same ink!)

Also, since my friends indulge me so, last night Twihard printed out several Ovie pictures from this very blog, glued them into the picture frame, and then wrote “#1 Ovie Fan” on the top and “Alexander M. Ovechkin” on the bottom.  She even left room for me to add my own pictures, since, as she said, “I’d do a lot for you, but I am NOT looking up shirtless pictures of him.”

Hmph.  I’m still rather frustrated with last night’s game.  I really don’t see why they don’t just rename it the NCL instead of NHL for National Crosby League.  If Thomas Vanek had scored that goal at the other end of the ice, the game would have kept going.  I would know.  I spent twenty minutes in my honors class this morning discussing it with everyone, and when you’ve got fifteen honors kids coming up with the same solution, you know it’s gotta be right.  

But then while I was stewing over the referees’ obvious favoring of Sid, I got thinking.  You might have heard that back in the fall, Alex Semin said in an interview that he didn’t really see what was so special about Crosby.  Sure, he thought Sid was a good enough player, but Semin claimed that the NHL could take any player and turn that player into a star.  You probably didn’t hear that.  Only a few minor publications picked up on it.  Anyway, those few minor publications were flabbergasted that anyone could say such a thing.  And while Crosby certainly is a smart, talented hockey player, you can’t help but wonder.  Is he REALLY the best hockey player the world has seen since Gretzky?  Or is he just as “good” as he is because the NHL made him that good?  I mean, I bet even Gregory Campbell or Chris Neil could become superstars (well, maybe not Gregory Campbell) if the NHL got behind them.  (And when I say get “behind them,” I mean it innocently)  If the referees always made calls in their favor, and surrounded them with a team of talented players, wouldn’t they be just as good?  I mean, even Andrew Peters has scored a goal…I think.  Donald Brashear had the Capitals’ first goal in the postseason last spring.  I’m not saying Crosby isn’t talented, because I would probably be killed for saying that and because I really do think he’s got a good hockey head on his shoulders and knows how to play the game.  I’ve been amazed at some of the things he can do.   I’m just saying maybe he isn’t quite the Messiah he’s painted to be.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe he’s just so talented with the puck that we should all genuflect when he walks in.  But maybe not.  We’ll never really know if we can’t play a fair game with Sidbits.  And it’s not just me who’s saying that.  I was watching the game Saturday night with a bunch of middle-aged guys and they all agreed that the league is entirely unfair when it comes to Sidney.  

And just in case you were wondering, this isn’t the part when I start talking about how no one will ever compare to Ovechkin and that the league was a sorry place until he arrive.  I sure do think he’s a hell of a player, but there are nights when other players just seem incredible.  The NHL should try focusing on that for a change.  This is definitely one of the most diverse leagues in the world, and seeing all of the different players and how the play would be really cool.



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  1. I mean, I bet even Gregory Campbell or Chris Neil could become superstars (well, maybe not Gregory Campbell) if the NHL got behind them.

    I was going to say… Um, Greg Campbell? The same Greg Campbell that plays for Florida, who is best friends with Princess D, who looks like an overgrown rock? Well, alright, that last part didn’t make sense, but you get my point. =]

    • yeah, i think even greg campbell is beyond hope.

  2. Chris Neil is totally a superstar in my eyes, he’s fucking hilarious.

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