That Wasn’t A Goal

December 22, 2008 at 9:44 pm | Posted in Losing Sucks, Sidney Crosby, This Irks Me | 5 Comments

This isn’t sour grapes, I promise.  If you look at the reviews, you can see the not only did Sidney tip the puck, but his stick was clearly above the crossbar.  Even he knew that.  If any other player had done that, you can bet your bobbleheads that it doesn’t count and they keep playing.  It’s really unfortunate that this is a league where the rules are thrown out the window for one player.

Sabres should have gotten two points tonight.


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  1. um, how do you know the sabres would have gotten 2 points if the goal was overturned?

    • um, how do you know the sabres would have gotten 2 points if the goal was overturned?
      i just know these things ;)


    look at that and then say it’s not a goal.

  3. First I thought it was high because his blade was above the bar. But the puck hit pretty high on the shaft (or low, since the stick was inverted)and after the replays I thought it was really close. After more replays, (I have a nice big HD TV, just like they do in Toronto)I was ready to concede my point and say it was an ok goal. If they called it the other way I wouldn’t be surprised either; but there is no conspiracy here. It would have been called the same anywhere. Sometimes the breaks just don’t go our way.

  4. Umm Matt… that is an angled grainy pic… try again brother. Try again. So trying to justify a poor call with that pic your way off basis.

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