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The Sabres WON last night!!  If there is a more inconsistent, frustrating team in hockey, I have yet to meet it.

  • Crunchy must have heard I was thinking about burning my Miller t-shirt, because he came back with a shutout.  I HEART Miller shutouts.  The real kind.  Oh, Ryan.  What would I do without you and your badass saves?
  • Chris Butler looked really good last night.  I was quite impressed.  And not only was he incredibly sweet and polite in his post-game interview (he THANKED Rayzor.  It doesn’t get sweeter than that), he also was quite well-spoken and definitely knew what he was talking about.  I look forward to seeing more of Mr. Butler.
  • Speaking of Chris Butler, last night we rewound to watch that shot of him during the warmup.  Does anyone here not love Petey?  Because, you know, it was kind of HILARIOUS how he just skated by Butler and pushed him into the boards.  He didn’t even look up or anything.  Petey is SUCH a good teammate!
  • I’m pretty sure I saw Pommer mouth “thank you” to one of the equipment guys during the first period.  I know he said he’d be really interested in blogging after his hockey career, but I personally think he should open a manners school.  I’m thinking, “Jason Pominville’s Academy For Impeccable Manners”
  • It was really annoying during the Sabres Show when Maria asked Max if it was true that he spoke six languages.  Max, why do you have to appear like a sweet guy off the ice?  I get that you’re a spy and all, but still, would you please not be so HUMBLE about your knowledge of English?  PLEASE stop being adorable.  I need you to go steal candy from a baby or something so I can properly hate you.  (And I thought it was great when Patty asked what the name of the guy who asked the question was and then looked straight into the camera a la Lala and said, “Well, Chris…”)
  • OMG PATTTYYYYYYY.  WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU?!?!?  I do not care at all if he was just “being Patrick Kaleta.”  That is NO EXCUSE for Gauthier to try to elbow his head into the glass and then knock him down, take off his glove, and sucker-punch him instead.  The worst part is, he should have been ejected from the game but all he got was a roughing penalty.  That’s all the proof we need that the referees have been officiating against Buffalo.  The officiating was incredibly slanted Wednesday night, and it was even worse last night.  Pkaleta is currently unable to SEE, because of a DIRTY, ILLEGAL HIT, and the refs did nothing.  Gauthier was even baring his teeth!  The guy was a freaking ANIMAL.  (Dear Referees,   I get that you’re all whiny little girls who couldn’t take Ryan Miller saying that one of you cussed him out and that you did a slanted job officiating that night, but for the love of bobbleheads, PLEASE just suck it up and get on with your lives.  With Love, Frostee)
  • Petey came really close to scoring, but when Ellis scored he was totally jazzed for him.  He also tried to fight Gauthier, but apparently Gauthier is a wuss and didn’t want to drop the gloves with him.
  • We at TFF Headquarters totally lost it during Lindy Ruff’s press conference when he said how he hadn’t heard “that Neil Diamond song” in a while.  Lindy, we promise to always love you forever and ever.
  • Um, is it just me, or has it been approximately three years since Thomas last scored?


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  1. Does anyone here not love Petey? Because, you know, it was kind of HILARIOUS how he just skated by Butler and pushed him into the boards.

    I saw that and laughed my ass off. And I was thinking the same thing about Max and Pat during the Sabres Show as well. <33

  2. I am worried about Patty K!!!!!

  3. […] I was blown away by his first game here.  He was amazing during it and his postgame interview was 74 different kinds of cute.  He was supposed to be an emergency call-up but he went and blew us all away and now he’s […]

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