It Would Appear As Though The Hockey Gods Have A Conscience

December 17, 2008 at 3:44 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Hockey Gods, Washington Capitals | 2 Comments

First they gave me a killer cold the day before I’m supposed to go to a hockey game.  Like, mouth-breathing, plugged up sinuses, screwed-up balance, a box of tissues an hour cold.  Woo.

Then the hockey gods realize that by making me sick, they were only increasing my guilt over the whole Nathan being hurt thing.  So to make it up to me, they had the Caps put on a magnificent show last night.  The interview at the beginning was enough to make me feel less chilled (“Well, you know, we’re European guys!”), but then Alex scored TWO goals?  And while I was watching, no less!  AND, I called both of them.  Not even kidding.  First, when Alex was hanging out all alone on the left side of the net, I said angrily “Did the NHL outlaw looking at tape or something?  Because practically every single goal Alex has scored this year has been from the left of the net.  They always leave him alone and then he pops it in the empty net.  Uh, HELLO.  You might wanna try defending one of the most prolific scorers in the league.  Just saying.”  Then, when the game went into overtime, I turned my bundled-up figure to my dad and told him, “Alex is godda cobe oud he-eh ahd score the gabe-widder.” (Hey, I’m really stuffed up.  My suffering shouldn’t be amusing to you)  And you know what Alex did with ten seconds left in OT?  He scored a freaking goal.  The hockey gods were CLEARLY sending me a message.

Then, today, they made my teachers ramble on long enough to make them run out of time so they couldn’t tell us what our homework is.  HA!  Serves you right.  That’s what you get for trying to re-teach (and poorly, I might add) what the sub already told us yesterday.

So if you see a girl tonight who is alternately screaming her head off and blowing her nose, uh, that would be me.  GO SABRES!!



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  1. Well if you see a NJ fan wipe your nose on their Jersey…

    • that is an excellent idea!

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