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Right now, I am sitting on the couch typing this post because my mom read an article in a medical journal that said going on Facebook and blogging and things like that is actually good for teenagers.  She told me that if I actually tried to sit there and study for three hours before religion, she was pulling me from honors.  Huh.  Guess I’ve been totally stressed out and therefore acting like a bitch to EVERYONE a wee bit cranky these past few days.  Good thing I had the new issue of Sports Illustrated to chill out with earlier.  (Great issue.  I LOVE the Michael Phelps article [even though Alex should have been Sportsman of the Year], and the one about “The Other Alex” was pretty great.  It confirms my suspicions that Alex Semin is a total oddball.)

But apparently the Sabres are mad at me for not talking about that suckfest of a game on Monday, because they have FALLEN APART in the 48 hours since I last posted.  Oh my God, Sabres, you guys need to CHILL.  Seriously.  Practically the entire defensive unit is hurt, Max is a -10 (well, he was a     -10 before, but I just read that stat on the Sabres’ website), and Pkaleta is walking around in a neck brace?!?!  The INSANITY of it all!  My poor, poor Sabres are loosing it.  crunchy-concerned1(I’m having some serious issues with getting pictures on here today, so you’re going to have to deal with eerily-large photos)

Look at how worried Crunchy is!  He looks like he’s losing weight (right when we had made so much progress!), and are those circles under his eyes??

And, um, Alex and I need to have a talk.  Because while I LOVE the fact that he loves me so much that he’ll only play well/score goals while I’m watching, I’m kind of concerned that he’s having the Caps lose whenever I don’t watch.  Alex, listen, I love you and always will, but dude, if you wanna make the playoffs this year you better play like ferocious badasses every single night.  Just save all your really spectacular plays for when I’m watching.

I’m kind of glad I’ll miss most of the game tonight, because I get the feeling that it’ll be a slaughter.  But not the Sabres slaughtering the Panthers.  Which really concerns me.

You know, I was thinking earlier and I couldn’t help but wonder.  Is there any way the Sabres could, like, trade for Kovalchuk?  Now, I realize “trade” is like some sort of curse word to the Sabres, but how awesome would that be to have him?

P.S.  I have not mentioned Sean Avery because basically, I think he’s a retard and have no idea why the NHL suspended him.  Seriously, NHL?  I would have rather seen him play Calgary, because I’m sure Dion Phaneuf could dish out a worse punishment than Gary Buttman Bettman could.  Unless, of course, Gary decrees that from now on Sean Avery can only shop at Walmart.


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  1. and Pkaleta is walking around in a neck brace?!?!

    OMGAH For serious??? NOOOO not my beloved Patty K!!

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