Why Do I Not Have An Hour And A Half Of Proofs?

December 2, 2008 at 6:01 pm | Posted in Derek Roy, Losing Sucks, Sean Avery | 2 Comments

Like, for reals?  This is the first night since like September that I haven’t had at least an hour of proofs.  This is kind of rad.

You know what isn’t rad?  That Sabres game last night.  Good God.  If it wasn’t for Gossip Girl, I probably would have gone and read more of Great Expectations.  That’s how boring that game was.

Someone needs to take Harry Neale far away and lock him up so he can’t hurt anyone anymore.  I have always suspected that that’s what needs to be done, but after last night’s vasectomy comment I’m convinced.

While he or she is at it, someone also needs to tell Mike Robitaille that he is not Don Cherry.  Tell him I’m sorry, and that I still love him, but he is not, and never shall be, Don Cherry.  

If anyone still doesn’t think Derek Roy is gay (um…seriously?  You don’t?  Do you live under a rock?), just check out the past few posts on My Safety Is Harvard and Sabre Chaser.  I’m really sorry if you were one of those crazy-ass puckbunnies, but he is.  

Sean Avery, you need to shut your freaking mouth.



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  1. I’m really sorry if you were one of those crazy-ass puckbunnies, but he is.

    I’VE GOT DIBS ON BEING HIS FAUX-GIRLFRIEND. He can run around with Kyle and the crotch-grabber, and I can hang out with Patty K and Drew, and we can just pretend that he’s straight. All this, while he pays my bills, buys me a pretty car, and a whole new wardrobe. Cheap bill when it comes to maintaining his dignity. =]

  2. Derek Roy is TOTALLY gay. I gave up on ever even thinking that he’s straight like two seasons ago.

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