Oh, Whatever Sabres/#45

November 30, 2008 at 10:45 am | Posted in 65 Reasons I Love A.M.O., Buffalo Sabres, Craig Rivet, Losing Sucks, Patrick Kaleta, Patrick Kane, Patrick Lalime, Thomas Vanek, Tim Connolly must be made of toothpicks and chewing gum, Washington Capitals | Leave a comment

Well.  The Sabres actually looked pretty good most of the time last night, but they still lost.  Rats.  That would have been HUGE if they had beat all three “elite teams of the East” in four nights.  A few positives we can take away from the game:

  • Thomas Vanek scored twice, proving that he is, in fact, a BAMF
  • Not related to the Sabres game, but at one of the intermissions for the LA/Chicago game yesterday afternoon, we were treated to this FABULOUS video on Pkane and how amazing it is.  It was complete with baby pictures, footage of him in his bedroom talking about hockey, and him playing some cute little game with his sisters in their driveway.  It. Was. AMAZING.
  • Lala was pretty solid, which was a relief to see.  I was starting to get really worried about him.
  • They managed to kill off full two minutes of a 5-on-3, and Rivet and Lydman did some sexy shot blocking.
  • They booed Rivet.  This may sound kind of crazy, but I was starting to get worried that our team sucked so much that we didn’t have anyone for other teams to boo at.  It was nice seeing that we have someone worth booing.
  • Pkaleta is still walking around in one piece.

Just one question:  Has Tim Connolly officially dropped off the face of the Earth?  Because last night when we were checking line combinations at the bottom of the screen, Timmy wasn’t on the scratched list and he wasn’t in the lineup either, and then this morning they didn’t mention him once in the paper.  Has he disappeared for good?


Um, yes, the Capitals lost.  And I want to apologize to any Caps fans who might be reading this blog, because it’s partly my fault.  With the Caps game and the Sabres game starting at the same time, I wasn’t able to watch too much of the Capitals so Alex wasn’t able to score.  He only scores when I’m watching.  

(But near the beginning of the first period during a stoppage in play, they showed Bruce on the bench and he was kind of dancing around to the beat of the music they were playing in the arena, which confirmed that Bruce is hilarious and the second coolest coach ever [Lindy Ruff will always be the coolest coach in my heart] and that we love him.)

Okay, so last night in the second period of the Caps game (I’m pretty sure it was the second.  It might have been the first), one of the only parts I got to watch was when the Caps were on the penalty kill.  Alex got a semi-breakaway and was roaring down the ice when some defender came out of nowhere and got in front of him.  Did this stop Alex?  No.  He used the toe of his skate to flip the puck over the guy in front of him and then got off a backhand shot.  It was kind of incredible.  All, “oh my God he doesn’t have his shirt on!” and squealing about his awesome personality aside, I really do love Alex Ovechkin because he happens to be one hell of a hockey player.  He transcends on the ice.  I’ll watch him at stoppages in play just because he’s that good.  All those obnoxious fans who walk around saying that not only is he not the best player in the league right now, but he’s not even in the top five have obviously never seen him play.  He does things with the puck that I didn’t even think could be done.

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