3 Reasons Why I Don’t Mind My Brother Going To The Game Tonight, and Other Notes

November 26, 2008 at 3:19 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Chris Clark, Mike Comrie, Randomness, What Is Up With All These Injuries? | 2 Comments

1.  The hockey game tonight is against Boston, and as I’ve said before, I hate seeing Boston.  I don’t really feel like slowly killing my soul right before Thanksgiving.

2.  Ben may be going tonight, but I get to go on the 12th against Toronto because he has a concert for school, I will most likely be able to go on the 30th – wait, what team was it, again?  Don’t they have a player that I kind of like?  Hmm – because our mafia connections are apparently going to pull through, and I’ll be going in February against Anaheim because not letting me, of all people, go to a hockey game on my birthday is just cruel.

3.  I’m kind of tired, and I’m looking forward to bumming around in my pajamas tonight and screaming at the TV.

  • Dear S.L. Price,  Dude, you couldn’t be more right! Because all joking and “oh my God his chest is a work of art”-related squealing aside, this is why I love him.  This explains it perfectly.  With Love, Frostee.   (But I would absolutely dispute your decision if it meant he would show up on my front step.  Eeee!  Can you imagine!)
  • Good grief.
  • I can not believe Spencer and Heidi eloped.  LAME!  (Just for the record, I have never watched an episode of The Hills before in my life and don’t plan too.  I’m just a religious reader of Us Weekly who happens to find Speidi, especially Spencer, repulsive.)
  • When I first heard that Pie was scratched tonight, I got all freaked out and starting whining that Drew Stafford, my new Facebook friend, should have been scratched.  But then I saw that he was sick, so while I hope he feels better soon, it’s not as bad.
  • Scene:  Frostee walks into the kitchen after getting off the bus.  Frostee:  Hey, everyone.  Frostee’s Dad:  Your secret boyfriend is out for at least three weeks with an arm injury!  Frostee:  No!  Chrissy!
  • I have to read Great Expectations this weekend.  Eh.


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  1. OHH I am staffys friend too… wanna be friends? Damn that’s lame… LMAO!

  2. haha i’d love to be friends. look up emily frost, in the orchard park high school network

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