I Give Up

November 22, 2008 at 10:17 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Losing Sucks, Mark Mancari | Leave a comment

That’s it.  I’m done.  The Sabres win.  Not the game, just this…thing we have going.  They suck.  They were AMAZING at the beginning of the season, but so were the Bills, and we all saw how my relationship with them ended.  Obviously I can’t just stop being a Sabres fan, but I think I’m going to stop caring.  

Well, no.  I won’t, actually.  And you know why?  Because there are a few things I take for granted in this life:

1.  I will fall asleep before the end of “The Ten Commandments.”  It happens every year, and I’ve accepted that.

2.  I will always have at least one big test the day before Christmas break.  

3.  The Harry Potter movies will never be as good as the books.

4.  The Sabres will always get two points against the Islanders.  

That last one didn’t happen tonight, and that’s not good.  When the Islanders beat you,  you know there are problems.  I’m not really sure who I’m more mad at.  The only person on that team I don’t really hate right now is Mark Mancari, because how could you possibly hate him?

Now I have to stay up till 10:30 to watch the Capitals game because not only do I need to see that at least one of my teams doesn’t completely suck ass, but that peppermint tea I just had that was supposed to “relax” me instead woke me right up.  


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