An Awkward Conversation

November 20, 2008 at 4:52 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Losing Sucks, Ryan Miller | Leave a comment

Frostee’s cell phone rings.

Frostee:  (impatiently)  Hello?

Crunchy:  Hey, Frostee.

Frostee: (groans) Oh, hey.  Is this important?  Because I’m kind of busy.  I have to shower before dinner because I’m going to the play tonight.

Crunchy:  Oh, no, that’s cool.  I was just calling to say hi.  We hadn’t spoken in a few days.

Frostee:  Oh, yeah, guess we hadn’t.  It’s just been really busy.  Sorry.

Crunchy:  Is something wrong?  You seem a little…angry.

Frostee:  Well, I kind of am.  

Crunchy:  Frostee, please, let me explain.

Frostee:  Explain what?  Ryan, we talked about this before the season.  I spent all last year defending you even when I thought you were terrible.  When I couldn’t decide between you and Paul back in September, you promised me that it would be different this year.  You promised me you would be different.

Crunchy:  Frostee, please, it’s just been tough these last few days.

Frostee:  I know.  And that’s why I’m making it easier on you.  I’m taking myself out of the picture for a little while.

Crunchy:  You’re breaking up with me?!?!

Frostee:  No!  I could never do that.  No matter how hard you suck, I could never break up with you, and you know that.  I just think you need a little time to clear your head and get back to the way you were at the beginning of the season.

Crunchy:  Is this because of Alex?

Frostee:  What do you mean?  You know how close Alex and I are, but this has nothing to do with it.

Crunchy:  So even though he’s been scoring goals, really amazing goals, that’s not why?

Frostee:  No.  That has nothing to do with it.

Crunchy:  Not even me waiting to shut out the Capitals until he was gone?

Frostee:  Nope.

Crunchy:  Not even that shirtless post game interview from last night?

Frostee:  You heard about that?

Crunchy:  Yes.  I did.

Frostee:  Well, of course that’s why I’m breaking up with you, and not him I promise that that has nothing to do with it.  I just think you need to get your head back to the right place, okay?

Crunchy:  Okay.  But I’ll  miss talking to you every day.

Frostee:  I will too!  And I guess we can still text sometimes.

Crunchy:  Well, if that’s what you think is best.

Frostee:  It is.  It is definitely best.

Crunchy:  Okay.  Bye, then.

Frostee:  Bye, I guess.

Both hang up.


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