I Don’t Really Feel Like Talking About The Dark Pit Of Despair That Is The Sabres So Instead I’ll Talk About Various Hockey Players I Love (Reason #43)

November 17, 2008 at 4:55 pm | Posted in 65 Reasons I Love A.M.O., Anaheim Ducks, Chicago Blackhawks, Randomness | Leave a comment

First, a few Blackhawks videos I think you’ll enjoy.  (I first found the links on My Safety Is Harvard)

This one is basically amazing.  Mary Poppins? Harry Potter?  Ellen? Eleven year-olds?  OMG PKANE I LOVE YOUR TEAMMATES!

This one proves my theory that hockey players don’t wear shirts to bed.  And it’s funny.

I didn’t watch the Anaheim Ducks game last night, and I don’t even know who won.  I do know, however, that the Ducks happen to be amazing.  That is because, Dear Readers, before the game we were treated to a video of the players at a shooting range.  That’s right, a shooting range.  Where they were actually holding guns.

Frostee’s Dad:  I want to see Selanne with a gun.

Frostee: I can’t believe they let Chris Pronger out in public wearing those pants!

I think the Sabres need to start going to shooting ranges.


Okay, so today’s Reason is a really good one: My love for Alex Ovechkin encourages my studies.  Not even kidding.  The first example came last week, when I was trying to convince my mom that getting me an Ovechkin jersey for Hanukkah would make perfect sense (we’re a have-and-half family so we celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah).  The jersey costs $149.99.  If you order it online, there’s free shipping until November 30.  If you divide the cost by the eight days of Hanukkah, it comes to $18.75 a day.  I told my mother that I realized that this was still a little steep for a Hanukkah present (usually we get the bigger presents on Christmas), but when she took into account the 100.554 average on my report card, it was a GREAT gift idea.  My love for Alex gives me a legitimate reason to use math in real life.

The second part of this is just that it made French a lot more interesting today.  We’re reviewing nationalities, and I kept grinning/trying not to crack up when we were reviewing the pronunciation of “russe.”  I also doodled away the class by decorating my notes:

pb170205J’adore mon petit copain russe.

(getting Switzerland and Canada in the picture was totally unintentional)

So..uh…yeah.  That’s about it.   The Sabres need to stop sucking.  I think they should call up Gerbe or Mancari for the Boston game, even if just for a trial.  Boston is, after all, very close to Portland.  And Royzie needs a good benching.

Oh!  I almost forgot to show you the TOTALLY AWESOME SHIRT my mom got me for $5 at Target the other day.  You might want to sit down, since it’s pretty hardcore.

pb070195How hilarious is it that she got me a shirt that says “Frosty”?

Now, I realize that this is not the way I spell it, but it’s the way it’s supposed to be spelled.  It was my dad’s nickname first, and that was how he spelled it, and that was how I spelled it for a while when it was my nickname.  It morphed into Frostee when I changed my AIM screen name and spelled it with the double-e instead.  

So if you ever see some crazy chick walking around with that shirt on…it’s probably me.

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