Live From Frostee’s Family Room, It’s Saturday Night!

November 8, 2008 at 9:53 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Buffalo Sabres, Dan Paille, Derek Roy, Randomness, This Irks Me, Tim Thomas, Washington Capitals | 2 Comments

A few thoughts from the two games I am watching as they come to me.  (Warning: They get increasingly random, and kind of veer away from the games [which means it turns into another “I love Alex Ovechkin!” post])


This game is slowly killing my soul.  I think I have said every bad word in the book.  I have no patience for another bad game by the Sabres.  Can we put Lalime in net?  Please?

And what’s up with Pie getting scratched?  It was kind of hard for me totake note of all the details last night, but I didn’t think Paille was totally terrible.

And we have decided that Derek Roy is officially gay.  Would a straight guy go to the Juicy Couture party at Tony Walker?


This game is much better than the Sabres.  When Ovie thought he had scored but just laughed when he saw he hadn’t, I thought that was awesome.  I’m really glad that Johnson is in net for the Caps.  He has been a lot better than Theodore.  Heh.  Theodore is kind of a joke.  My dad doesn’t believe that he actually won the Hart Trophy.  But, um, did Alex get a haircut?  It looks a lot shorter under his helmet.  I hope he didn’t.  I’m not a huge fan of the really long look he was working last year, but he doesn’t look very good with short hair either.  (Please refrain from making a comment about how “he doesn’t ever look good!”)  He needs to get back to that happy medium.

I flipped to the Capitals’ intermission report just in time to see the end of that locker room feature they were airing, so I frantically rewinded.  It was a good thing, too; not only was I treated to an adorable interview-type-thing with my secret boyfriend, I also got to see Alex in his under-armor.  *blushes* I’m kind of a fan of Alex…in his under-armor…

Reasons to love the above video:

1.  Sid and Alex decided to be ADORABLE and give Shanahan a birthday cake.

2.  Alex is in his under-armor.  And absolutely nothing else.  *swoons*

3.  We are treated to the two of them singing “Happy Birthday,” and while it is really sweet that they’re singing it, it might be the worst version of it I’ve ever heard.

4.  They walk by some random kid wearing a Vanek jersey.  (I have seen this video about a million times, but I never noticed him before.)

More Sabres

Now we are being treated to a segment on Tim Thomas and his yoga.  You know what?  If the Sabres lose this game, I will watch this again and it might not hurt as much.

Back to the Caps.  And Ovie.

This video is a perfect example of how I like Alex’s hair.  At the beginning, it’s a perfect length.  At the end, when he and the other Alex are being all BFF-y and eating sushi, it’s too short for my liking.  

This video is also to remind us all that JM Liles is a funny, hot piece of ass.


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  1. Alex’s hair is shorter. Here’s a video

  2. Well, Juicy Couture makes sense. Derek IS the prettiest girl in Western New York so it would figure he’s have to have the wardrobe to match, you know…

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