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October 25, 2008 at 10:49 am | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Daniel Briere, Happy!!, Jay McKee, Manny Legace, Randomness, Ryan Miller, What Is Up With All These Injuries? | Leave a comment
  • My arm hurts like HELL.  Geez.  It figures that when I go to get my flu shot, I get the same bitchy lady who gave me my second Gardasil shot and doesn’t even know how to properly administer a shot.  Ugh.
  • I love that freaking pigeon.  And I also loved that ten stupid questions segment!  It proves that Crunchy and I are SOUL-MATES.  We both love chocolate.  He likes brunettes, and I am a brunette.  He sucks at poker, but I’m really good at it and could kick his ass.  We both would choose going out with friends.  Soul-mates, Dear Readers.  Soul-mates.  (And who didn’t love him explaining to Lalime who Ginger and Mary Ann were?)
  • Speaking of Crunchy, I have decided that since he is okay with scoring a goal on his own net, I’m okay with it too.  He just wanted to make me love him more, since he knows that I am crazy for goal-scorers.
  • P.S. to Crunchy: If you hug your BFF after the game tonight, that would be totally awesome.  Just an idea.
  • Danny Briere is out for a couple weeks.  HA!
  • Center Ice is amazing.  Last night we sat around watching hockey, and we’ve already got our game plan for tonight set up.  It’s going to be hectic, with all 30 teams playing, but we think we’ll be able to see a bit of every single game, which is our goal.  (I just hope we won’t have to resort to charts, the way we almost had to last year during the playoffs.  It’s hard keeping all the games you’re watching straight!)
  • Poor Manny.
  • While we were watching the Blues/ Kings game, we decided that my dad has to dig up Jay McKee’s number and send him a nice, friendly text.  We totally miss Jay.
  • Is anyone else, like, totally excited that we’re getting the World  Juniors?  I LOVE international play!!!
  • My dad and I are psychic.  Thursday night I absolutely called Royzie getting the game-winner, and last night my dad showed off a bit of psychic skillz.  We had been watching other games but flipped to the Anaheim/Ottawa one to see the final score.  The Sens had called a time-out and the fans were cheering like crazy.  They weren’t showing the score on the top of the screen.  Frostee: “Stupid Sens fans.  Don’t they realize their loser team is going to lose?”  Frostee’s Dad:  “You never know.  It might be 4-3 or something.”  Then they showed the score, and it was 4-3.  If you need us to call anything, send me an email.  Tonight I will be sitting on the couch, and every time Ovie touches the puck I’m going to shout,  “Oh, I bet ALEX OVECHKIN is going to SCORE A GOAL NOW.”
  • Quakers won last night.  Go OP!!!

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