Preparing For Super Saturday

October 25, 2008 at 4:03 pm | Posted in Randomness | Leave a comment

That’s right, Dear Readers.  In mere minutes, Super Saturday will begin, a day when all 30 teams in this great league of ours play on the SAME NIGHT.

I will admit, there are already a few glitches with this awesome concept.  First of all, all the games are on at the same time.  Sure, one is starting in just a few minutes, at four, but other than that it’s a solid block of hockey going on at seven and seven-thirty, with a few games thrown in at eight (OVIE!), one at nine (go Sabres!) and then a few at ten.  Our thumbs will be numb from all the channel flipping we will be doing.  The second problem is with Center Ice.  Three of the games won’t be broadcast!  I don’t need the home AND away feed of the Pittsburgh/New York game.  I’d rather get the Ottawa/Toronto feed.  It’s not fair that that game and the Vancouver one will be on NHL Network, as we do not yet get that channel.  (I miss NHL Network so much.  I loved watching Vintage Games).  How lame is that?  The third problem is that tomorrow there will be no hockey, but since there will be football (go Bills!  You can do it!  Beat Miami!) I’m not all that worried.

So go feed your dogs, print your essays (I finished ’em!), and get a nice, cold drink.  It is Super Saturday, Dear Readers, so go watch some hockey!

P.S.  We don’t get CBC yet, so if Don Cherry says anything particularly wacky, send me an email to let me know!


It is 4:05, and we are not getting the Philadelphia/New Jersey game on the channel it is supposed to be on.  WTF?

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