OMG Thank You, Hockey Gods!

October 24, 2008 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Derek Roy, Happy!!, Hockey Gods, Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, Winning Is Totally Awesome | 1 Comment

(BTW, you just missed Bitchy Frostee.  She had to rush off to her Bitches Anonymous meeting after her math homework because Mr. Senn is such a freaking RETARD, but it’s probably best that she’s not here, because let me tell you, she was NOT in a good mood.)

I had my whole post for today planned out.  Last night, when there were about four minutes left in the game, I left the family room and went to the bedroom with every intention of then going to bed.  The Sabres were going to lose, and my self-diagnosed asthma was getting pretty bad, so I figured I might as well hit the hay.  While washing my face, I figured that today I would just post the transcript from the phone call I was going to make to Crunchy.  After those last two goals he let in (or rather, the one goal he let in and the one he scored), I figured that maybe he needed some time off so that he could get his thoughts straight and get back to being a ridiculously good goalie.

Then I walked back into the room where the game was on and told my dad I was going to bed.  He asked me to look at the score.  It said 3-2.  I didn’t even have time to pommerdoodle before my BOYFRIEND, Thomas Vanek, scored.  By now I’m sure you’ve all heard how the game ended.  (OMG, Royzie, I’m sorry I ever worried about you!!!)  And while seeing that the Sabres can even rally against a great defensive team like Minnesota was awesome, the best part was realizing that the hockey gods have forgiven me.  I actually don’t know what I did, but I have come to the conclusion that I, along with the whole city of Buffalo, must have done something really bad to piss off the hockey gods, because other than sucky defense, sucky special teams, and sucky goaltending, that’s the only real explanation for last year.  The hockey gods have forgiven me, and I have forgiven them.  All is right in the world.

(It’s also really cute that the hockey gods are so worried about my relationship with Crunchy.  They obviously like the two of us as a pair and realized that if the Sabres lost last night, that solid relationship was about to get really rocky.)

(Has anyone checked out the league standings lately?  Because not only are they awesome at the top, the very bottom is pretty satisfying too.)

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  1. What school do you go to?

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