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October 23, 2008 at 5:02 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Chris Drury, Jason Pominville, Nathan Paetsch, Randomness, Tim Connolly | 2 Comments

Dear Readers, I just thought I should let you know that you are now reading the blog of a ferocious badass.  You want to know how badass I am?  I’m skipping religion tonight so that I can watch the hockey game.  Technically, it’s because a) I have a really bad cough (I actually diagnosed myself with asthma, and every time I laugh I have an asthma attack.  I was a wreck in Latin) and b) Kristen, my partner for the African country project, might call me tonight if she needs me to email her any more information on Ghana for our poster, and I need to be available.  This is the story I’m sticking with, but when I told my dad I was going he said “Oh, you just don’t want to miss the hockey game, right?”

Psh.  No. Duh.

In other news, Pommer updated his blog!  The latest entry is just more proof to me that I have a TON in common with the Buffalo Sabres.  For example, when asked who the best dancer was, Pommer replied “”I’d have to say myself.   No, I’m just kidding.”   If I was asked who the best dancer was in my group of friends, I would probably say “Duh, me!   No, no, I’m totally shitting you, I’m terrible at dancing.”  It’s like the same thing, except Pommer can’t swear in his because the guys might see it and tell his mommy!

Just for the record, two years I would have LOVED reading his answer to the last question.  Timmy?  Dressed up like Chris?  As a Little League player?!?!  That’s awesome!!  (And also hilarious, since Timmyho is called Timmyho, and two years ago Chris Drury was a model-citizen).  Just in case you were wondering what Mr. Drury looked like after becoming a Little League World Series Champion, here ya go!  (Thanks to Anne at Sabretooth’s House for the picture!)

But now that Timmy is dead to me and Drury is a whore, I find that utterly immature.

(“No, no, I’m totally shitting you, I’m terrible at dancing I still think that’s hilarious.”)

P.S.  Patches, please don’t suck tonight!  I’m not going to suggest punishment if you play poorly, because we all saw how that turned out, but please, for the love of the hockey gods, don’t suck.

P.P.S.  Whoever found this blog searching “alex ovechkin sucks,” LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE.  We don’t serve your kind around here.


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  1. “I’m skipping religion tonight so that I can watch the hockey game.”

    I’m almost 20, right? But when I want to stay home to watch the Sabres (coughcough Tuesday), my mother figuratively kicks me in the ass and practically shoves me out the door. Sheesh.

  2. Ohhh naughty Frostee! You better kiss up big time!

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