The Sabres Made A Totally Badass Comeback But Then Someone Forgot To Tell Lalime That You Have To Stop Pucks In Three Rounds To Win The Shootout

October 19, 2008 at 10:22 am | Posted in Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Losing Sucks, Patrick Kane, Patrick Lalime, Ryan Miller, This Irks Me, Thomas Vanek | Leave a comment

Don’t get me wrong, I thought Lalime was AWESOME in net last night.  It was really reassuring to see that our back-up doesn’t totally suck.

But those last two rounds of the shootout were…ugh.

  • It’s a good think Crunchy didn’t play, because every time they showed him on the bench it looked like he was asleep.  It cracked me up.  He looked completely out of it.
  • Speaking of Crunchy, has anyone read his new blog entry?  It was really sweet reading his thoughts about Matt.  Last May my grandmother died after battling breast cancer for 20 years, so I completely understood and agreed with what he was saying.  It’s really hard to see such a good person die because of cancer.  I may or may not have teared up a little.
  • Speaking of tearing up, Pkane is now my new favorite person.  I think it’s so sweet that he cried when Savard got fired.  He seems like such a sensitive soul.
  • It really concerns me that even though the Sabres lost, I still totally love Thomas Vanek.  Oh Thomas.  My love for you grows each and every day.
  • The only good thing about that loss was that I was thinking of that last night instead of Romeo’s ass.  (We were watching the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet in English on Friday [we begged for the 1999 version, but Mr Frederick wouldn’t listen.  He obviously doesn’t understand that we are teenaged girls, and that Leonardo DiCaprio is in the ’99 version] and Mr. Frederick neglected to tell us that there was nudity until all of the sudden the screen was filled with Romeo, sprawled in bed, butt-ass naked.  The guys LOVED seeing Juliet, but seeing the outline of Romeo’s junk when he was sitting up in bed was a little more than we had bargained for.  It kind of scarred me.  [And I didn’t think I would have to explain to the guys on the bus ride home that the actress playing Juliet was NOT actually 13 years old, because no 13 year-old has boobs that big])
  • Boston will be playing its third game in four nights on Tuesday, and I’m hoping the Sabres will use that to their advantage.  My dad is going to the game, but I’m not really all that upset that I’m not going.  I am so sick of Boston.  I never want to see Boston play live again.
  • Caps lost.  LAME.
  • Kickoff at one!!  Trentykins in HD!!  GO BILLS!!  (It’s so weird being a new Bills fan.  I’m so invested in this team but I don’t even know half of the guys on it)

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