Dare I Even Think It?/ Reason #39: Caps Beat Pens!

October 17, 2008 at 3:50 pm | Posted in 65 Reasons I Love A.M.O., Andrew Peters, Buffalo Sabres, Happy!!, Pittsburgh Penguins, Thomas Vanek, Vancouver Canucks, Washington Capitals | Leave a comment

Dear Readers, let me remind you that with a win tonight, the Sabres go 4-0.  And while the thought of four straight wins to start the season causes spontaneous pommerdoodling, I’m kind of afraid that by thinking about it, I’ll jinx them.  I’m not overly superstitious, but I don’t want to be the reason they lose (because if they do win, God forbid, it would totally be my fault).  There are actually a lot of reasons to be optimistic about this game, but still.  Just because Vancouver will probably go with their back-up (how is he?  I didn’t even know Vancouver had a back-up), and just because their game went into overtime (so, technically it was only 27 seconds, but psychologically couldn’t it have been tiring?) last night doesn’t guarantee the Sabres the win.  And by playing tonight, couldn’t the Sabres be tired tomorrow night at Atlanta? (But I heard that Lalime will probably play.  And it’s Atlanta.)

But I’m not going to dig a deep, dark hole of despair.  I’m becoming increasingly confident in the playing abilities of these guys (because after last year I thought I would be emotionally stunted for life).  

P.S. to Thomas Vanek, my new BFF:  PLEASE score a shortie tonight.  That would be so b.a. if you got shorties three games in a row.

P.P.S.  Totally forgot to mention, my dad saw Petey at Hyde Park last night when he was there for a dinner meeting.  Dad now has a man-crush on poor Andrew, because apparently he was looking very fashionable and cool.  He was going to go talk to him but then Petey and the Mrs. went to their table. I told Dad to follow him, and he showed the text to one of the guys he works with.  Jay thought it was hilarious that I told him to follow Petey.  (Jay is also a huge Sabres fan.  He paid to have his finals rescheduled when the Sabres were in the SCF in 1999.  But Jay doesn’t get why I love hockey.  He appears surprised when I say something about hockey that doesn’t have anything to do with how hot one of the guys is, and was completely underwhelmed when he saw a picture of Mini Alex.  But whatever)


Oh, yeah, so, in case you didn’t hear, I’ll let y’all know now.  CAPS BEAT THE PENS!!!  IN REGULATION!!!  WOOOO!!!!!  It makes me smile inside to see the Pens, who were previously the kings of the Eastern Conference, losing to the Caps.  And then I think about how the Sabres are 4-0, and I just smile wider.  

And Alex tried to fight Geno…several times…it’s so cute how they obviously dislike each other very much.

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