Ovie Scored, Caps Win! (But I Totally Still Love You, Pkane) (#38)

October 12, 2008 at 12:59 pm | Posted in 65 Reasons I Love A.M.O., Alex Ovechkin, Bills, Brian Campbell, Chicago Blackhawks, Happy!!, Patrick Kane, Tim Connolly, Toni Lydman, Washington Capitals | 1 Comment

So, the Capitals won last night.  Yay!  I’m glad they beat the Blackhawks.  I wanted them to.

My boy scored two goals, and I celebrated by hanging the president picture (from inside the magazine.  The one on the cover still gives me nightmares) on The Wall.  It’s kind of hilarious that Alex is up there looking all serious right next to the picture of Paetsch and Mair modeling clothes.  At least, it is to me.

Note to Pkane:  Hey, man, sorry you got the loss.  It sucks, I know, but we’ve talked about this.  I will root for your personal succcess fo-evah, but I can not root for a team with Brian Campbell on it.  I can’t!

Speaking of Brian Campbell:

After Bradley’s goal pulled Washington within 2-1, Ovechkin tied it about 5 minutes into the second period, gathering the puck back near Washington’s blue line, then moving in and using retreating Chicago defenseman Brian Campbell to essentially screen goalie Nikolai Khabibulin .

Ovechkin shot around Campbell and past Khabibulin, then skated toward a corner and jumped into the glass, slamming his gloves.

Sucks for you, Blackhawks.


I didn’t mention it yesterday because I had been too busy freaking out during the game to tell who it was, but I can now award oodles of warm fuzzies to Toni Lydman.  Toni and I may have our differences, but he totally saved Crunchy’s ass Friday night.  Thanks, Toni.

Now that I think about it, I don’t recall reading about Tim Connolly being shipped off to some happy place in the paper this morning.  What’s up with that, Darcy?  I kind of thought he’d be gone by now…


Dear Readers, you wouldn’t happen to know what Robert Mugabe’s thoughts on the slave trade are, would you?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

P.S.  I’m actually not that cranky since I passed out around three.  But I’m angry that there are no Bills/Sabres today.  I need to make sure that the Bills will win, and now that hockey’s back and the Sabres are like the best team in the league (see what one win can do to a hungry fan?  that win has made me crazy.), I really want to watch them.  I can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon!  That’s, like, 24 whole hours!!!

P.P.S.  Since I will most likely be working on my “Kaffir Boy” book project (if you haven’t read “Kaffir Boy,” go read it right now.  It is amazing.), I’ll try to update after every period or something tomorrow.  We’ll see how the book project-ing goes.

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  1. I learned about Mugabe in one of my college poli sci classes but that was a long time ago and I could be completely wrong about this, but …Mugabe fought to liberate Rhodesia (spelling?), a British colony. But the British outlawed the slave trade in the 1800’s… I would guess he isn’t a big fan of the slave trade. I do know that he has some huge glasses.

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