The Hockey Gods Have Punished Me

October 5, 2008 at 7:44 pm | Posted in Bills, Hockey Gods, This Irks Me, Trent Edwards has BROKEN My Heart | 1 Comment

This is all my fault.  The hockey gods were mad at me for watching the Bills instead of the Senators/Penguins game, and now all of Buffalo has to suffer.  I am so, so sorry, fans of Buffalo.  I never wanted this to happen.  Trent Edwards had stolen my heart, and now he has broken it.  I don’t know what I’m going to do.  I really hope that he can recover during the bye week and be ready to play in two weeks, but after seeing Tim Connolly, I have learned to fear concussions like the plague.  This completely sucks.  JP LOOSEMAN must be killed in his sleep.  Who is he killing?  This is all his fault.  Forget that the rest of the offense was weak and the defense couldn’t stop the Cardinals.  It’s all JP’s fault.  

It doesn’t help that right before Trentykins (do you not LOVE my new pet name for him?) got hurt, one of our neighbors was telling me how she met him and his sister at a breast cancer benefit back during the summer, and apparently he is one of the nicest guys she has ever met.  He was well-spoken, he a really nice conversation with her about his aunt (who always finishes breast cancer triathalons triatholons tri-atholons (how the HELL do you spell it?!?!  I have no idea.  Deal with it) last on purpose), and when she asked if JP was a good mentor to him, he laughed and said no.  And, apparently he has really amazing eyes.

But now he is concussed, and the Pens lost, and the Sens are three points ahead of the Sabres, and they lost.  It really wasn’t a shutout, but since the NHL has some loser rule that they don’t do video reviews in the preseason, Conk got a shutout.  (Just for the record, Conk is SMOKING.  I never really appreciated him when he was in Buffalo)  I missed the second goal, but Crunchy did look kinda bad on the first one.  And I did NOT see Henrik Zetterberg, which kinda pissed me off.  

Whatevs.  Family Guy at nine. School tomorrow.  (Wait, that’s a bad thing.  But it’s Spirit Week.  But it’s still bad.  Me no like school.)

P.S.  Who wore the ‘C’ during the game?  I couldn’t tell.  I thought I saw an ‘A’ on Yo-yo, but I didn’t see a ‘C’.

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  1. Lydman had the C, Rivet and Yo-Yo had the A’s. And yeah, that was a pretty frustrating Buffalo sports day.

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