Will the Goalies Stop the Pucks?

September 20, 2008 at 4:46 pm | Posted in Frostee Does Predictions!, Patrick Lalime, Ryan Miller | Leave a comment

I SUCK at scrapbooking.  I absolutely SUCK.  But I’m not that bad at translating Shakespeare.

Now, on to the goalies!!!

Ryan Miller

Last season was: TOTALLY ANNOYING.

This season should be:  TOTALLY AMAZING.

Ryan Miller is Frostee’s Sabres Boyfriend, and therefore he has to REPRESENT.  I WILL NOT put up with any of that letting goals in bullshit I had to deal with last year.  When Crunchy is on his game, Crunchy is amazing, but when Crunchy is off his game, Crunchy makes me want to become an alcoholic.  

I’m warning you, Ryan Miller.  I may love you much more than I should, and we may have similar fashion tastes (which is still confusing, since everyone has always told me I have GOOD fashion sense), but if you suck again this year, we are through, once and for all.  Approximately 999/1000 of us making the playoffs is you.  Don’t screw this up, or else.

Don’t make me put Little Ryan on the deck again.

Patrick Lalime

Last season was: not spent as a Sabre.

This season should be: spent as a RELIABLE, TRUSTY back-up.

To be perfectly honest, part of why Ryan Miller sucked so much was because we couldn’t trust Thibault and therefore could not put him in net.  Everyone is saying how Lalime is a reliable backup, and he sure as hell better be.  Lindy (and all of Buffalo) need to know that when Crunchy needs a rest, Patrick Lalime will be able to win a game for us.  Otherwise, Crunchy starts losing, and then I get cranky, and no one likes me when I’m cranky.  Trust me.



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