Corinne is the COOLEST Person in the World, and Andrew Peters Sounds AMAZING

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I did not go to Puck Drop today.  I begged my chauffeur mom to take me, but she said no.  (I did get an ADORABLE homecoming dress on sale for $15, but still.  I wanted to see the boyz)  My friend Corinne, however, did get to go.  She texted me while we were at Macy’s giving me scrimmage updates, and then she called me when I got home.  The following were the major conversation points:

  • The line to get to Crunchy was too long, so she wasn’t able to tell him how her (crazy) friend wouldn’t really mind having his wonky-browed children, but apparently he was wearing a camouflage military hat very much like the sexy one I am getting.   How cool is that?  We have the same tastes in fashion!  (Except mine is better than his.  Because I, unlike he, can pull off a cardigan)
  • Since Corinne is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE person in the ENTIRE WORLD, she got me Gerb-dogg’s autograph.  And Yo-yo’s.  As Ben Affleck and Matt Damon put it, she is my heterosexual life partner.  (Because Eragon is my sexual [is that what you’d call it?  we’re not gay, ’cause he’s a guy and I’m a girl] life partner.  And as soon as I’m done with my English project I’m reading more of Brisingr.  I LOVE YOU ERAGON)
  • Corinne loves Andrew Peters a lot.  I’ve mentioned it before.  However, she was hesitant to go over to get his autograph.  After much encouraging from her dad, she went over to him with a picture of him for an autograph as he was getting ready to leave.  The following exchange ensued, proving that Petey is JUST AS AWESOME as we had always assumed.  

Corinne:  Um, excuse me?  Mr. Peters?  Would you mind signing this?

Petey:  Who’s Mr. Peters?  Is my dad here or something?

        Yeah.  Andrew Peters basically PWNZ.  

I have to admit, I am a little jealous.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, Dear Readers: I’ve never actually met a hockey player.  I know.  How much does that suck?  Andrew Peters may be walking around assuming I love him most, and Gerb-dogg might be my facebook friend, but I’ve never taken a picture or met face-to-face.  Other than going to games, the closest I’ve ever gotten is my beloved Jay McKee autograph. 

(Sorry it’s kind of blurry.  This picture was taken PSC [Pre Sexy Camera])

(You can’t tell, but there’s a picture of rookie Ryan Miller with his super long hair right underneath.  I can’t believe anyone let him go out in public with hair like that)

And I realize that it says Emily.  That’s what it says on my birth certificate too.  But everyone calls me Frostee.

Jay McKee was my FRIEND but then he had to betray me and leave.  Gerb-dogg better not betray me too, now that I have his autograph.  I’ll show you all a picture when I get it on Monday.

And I’ll talk about the goalies after I translate Shakespeare to modern English.  

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