It’s Getting Closer!! (Tim Kennedy is Just an Ugly Version of Pkane)

September 13, 2008 at 10:36 am | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Happy!!, John Tavares, Mike Comrie, Patrick Kaleta, Patrick Kane, Ryan Miller, Tim Kennedy | Leave a comment

Hockey is almost here.  Between the cold weather, my first cold, the shitload of homework/tests/global problems scrapbooks I have due (but a scrapbook?  I HATE scrapbooking.  I’m not creative in that way), and the Bills, it’s becoming apparent that hockey is, in fact, on its way back to Buffalo.  And a bunch of the Sabres are already back in town!  They’re holding group skates!  They’re shopping at Wegman’s!!!

And I think Patty Kaleta only got hotter over the summer.  Them B-lo boys sure are lookers!

But not this one.  The night after the draft, I was watching TV in my parents’ room and describing the Sabres’ draft picks to my mom.  When I got to Tim Kennedy, I cracked up and said, “You can totally tell he’s from South Buffalo.  He’s like an ugly version of Patrick Kane.”  The first part was actually kind of Orchard Park Snob-ish of me to say, but, unfortunately, it’s true.  Watching the video of all Da Boyz at the skate and seeing his interview cemented that opinion in my head.  Tim Kennedy may be the nicest, most pure-hearted hockey player in the WORLD, but I will forever think of him in this way.







No contest there.

Note to Crunchy:  Ryan, when I was talking about the perfect amount of stubble, that’s what I meant.  Shave it, and you look a wee bit odd.  Grow anymore, and you’ll find out part of why I call you Crunchy.  Right now it’s like Goldilocks’s porridge.  Just right.


And yesterday on E! News they showed Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff being attacked by the paparazzi outside some Hollywood restaurant.  Shouldn’t he be back on Long Island yet?  I mean, I’m sure he knows just as well as I that the only thing Long Island has a chance of winning is the John Tavares sweepstake, but still.  He should at least PRETEND to be worried about his team.

P.S. John Tavares is kind of hot.

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