65 Reasons I Love A.M.O. #26: First Draft Pick

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I’m trying to decide if Steven Stamkos is cute.  It’s tough.

Obviously he’s not going to win Hottest Tampa Bay Player any time soon, what with Vinny playing there and all, but he’s not totally unfortunate, is he?

Yep, I love him.  (Bigger picture here.)

This all got me thinking.  Since the 2003 Entry Draft, I have liked all the First Overall Draft Picks.  Let’s start with 2003.

I LOVE Marc-Andre Fleury.  When my neighbor was giving me grief about the Caps being knocked out of the playoffs and asked if I was going to root for the Penguins, I said I was, because I loved Fleury.  He gave me this weird look and goes, “the goalie?”

How can you not love him?  If you are ever wondering if your female friend is a lesbian, just play audio of him and you’ll know.  His accent is hands down the BEST I have ever heard.  And I have to say, as Frostee’s Playoffs Boyfriend for Rounds 2-4 of the playoffs last year, he pretty much delivered.  I did not regret my choice.

On to 2004:

If you haven’t figured out by now that I like Alex Ovechkin, you can leave.

I defy the Sabres fan stereotype.


*Shakes head* Oh, Sidney.

If you want some Sidney laughs, watch this video.

First of all, that baby picture of him in the Canadiens jersey may be the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Second of all, Sidney still doesn’t shave.  Third of all, I’ll be quite honest with you, Dear Readers:  If the Sidney Crosby in this video was at OPHS, I would probably make fun of him.  I’m just telling the truth. 


Okay, so, I lied.  I don’t like all the first overall picks, since I actually had to google the 2006 Entry Draft.  I can not for the life of me remember this kid.  Sorry.

Well, at least this Erik Johnson punk is American, right?

Other than 2004, my personal favorite first overall pick thus far came in 2007:

If Patrick Kane was to show up at my front door right now and ask me to marry him, I would say yes, no questions asked.  I LOVE him (and that sexy chin-stroking thing he’s got going on), and after the NHL Awards, I walked around telling people that when he made a shoutout to Buffalo, it was actually intended for ME.  (I also told people that when Ovie said “I love you” at the end of his Hart Trophy speech, he quickly texted me from his iPhone to let me know that those three words were actually meant for ME only.  I live in a fantasy world.)

My dad once actually said, when I pointed out that he’s only 19, “Oh, well then the two of you getting married is actually realistic.”  After all, his best friend is ten years older than his wife.  There’s not that much of an age difference with the two of us.  And my grandma would prefer if I married Pkane instead of Ovie.  She prefers Americans. 

Wait, isn’t this supposed to be a list of reasons why I love Alex Ovechkin?  I’d have to start a different list for Pkane!  Uh…Ovie…um…





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