September 1: A Post With Two Emotions

September 1, 2008 at 10:04 am | Posted in Happy!!, Randomness, This Irks Me | Leave a comment

It’s September 1, Dear Readers; a bittersweet time.  I feel both happy and sad that is the first day of our ninth calendar month.


It’s September 1, Dear Readers!  Andrew Ross McMahon’s birthday is in three days (<3), Michael Phelps hosting SNL is in 13 days (<33), the Sabres tournament at Craig Burn, which I am totally crashing, is in 17 days (<333), Ovie’s birthday is in 17 days (<3333), and real, honest-to-God, actual hockey is in 34 days (<33333333)!!!!!!!

AND, my shows start back up tonight!  Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are back!!!  Here’s the thing: I read that the first few episodes of Gossip Girl are pretty sucky, but whatever.  As long as Dan and Serena don’t get back together, I’ll be happy.  The two of them win the Most Annoying Couple Award, and Dan gets the Biggest Pain in the Ass Award.  I really want Blair and Chuck to get back together, but I don’t think I’ll be totally heartbroken if they don’t.  I love gooey, romantic Chuck, but I love bad-boy Chuck even more.  We need more bad guys like Chuck.  We need more Chuck.  I love Chuck.

As for One Tree Hill, it says online that we get to find out who Lucas called at the beginning of the new episode.  It’s going to be Brooke.  It should be Lindsay, because he was being all obnoxious and “I hate you, Peyton” about it, and I want it to be Peyton, because they’re supposed to be together, but this is, after all, One Tree Hill, and it’s going to be Brooke.  As for Dan, he’ll survive, because he’s the villain, and hopefully he won’t realize how evil he’s been.  I might puke if he becomes good.  


It’s September 1, Dear Readers.  School starts in four days.  In four days I’ll have to wake at the ungodly hour of six and go to school, and between having no lunch and all the running around and up and down I have to do, I’m going to be Crunchy-thin by the time this year is over.  I even did a pseudo-test run today, setting my alarm for eight, but I turned it off and went back to sleep for an hour, and now I can hardly keep my eyes open.  I think I hate September 1.


I realize you probably didn’t come here for my predictions on a few new seasons of TV shows and to hear about my sleeping patterns, but what can I say?  It’s September 1.


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