Sidney Crosby’s Blind Date

August 16, 2008 at 4:33 pm | Posted in Randomness, Sidney Crosby | Leave a comment

This is Penelope.  I made him in tech class last year.  In addition to bobbleheads, I also love penguins, but I have way to many of them to show them all on here.  You may have noticed that while I refer to the above penguin as “him,” his name is Penelope.  See, Penelope is a transvestite.  It’s so sad, because Penelope is desperate to find love, but all of my other penguins have either paired up or aren’t interested in a transvestite.  

I think Sidney and Penelope would be a perfect couple.  Both like penguins, and I’m sure they’d have a lot in common.  Penelope has no specific taste in music either!  I’m setting the two of them up on a blind date.  Don’t worry, Dear Readers, I won’t be thrusting them into an awkward situation.  Michael and I will be there the whole time!  It will be a double date.  When Michael found out about my fight with you-know-who (not Voldemort), he immediately called me and asked me on a date.  I figured an attractive, successful athlete would be perfect for making you-know-who jealous.  He was so happy when I said  yes!


Michael was very excited when I said yes.

Michael was very excited when I said yes.

We are going to have a killer time on our double date.  I’m sure Sidney and Penelope will make a great couple.


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