How I Spent My Ovie-Free Day: A Photo Essay

August 16, 2008 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Randomness | 2 Comments

Since it is still Day One of my two-day break from Alex, I decided to use my awesome, sexy new camera to make a photo essay of how I spent my day.

I woke up and took my allergy medication.  This makes my eyes stop itching for about five minutes, then I act like I’m high for a few hours.

We went to Target and I got a new bike, amongst other things.  My old one was probably a good size for a three year-old.

I performed my cat-sitting duties for two of our neighbors, and thought long and hard about ODing for the second time today.  In the end, I just washed my hands a ton of times.

I read another chapter of Guns, Germs, and Steel and seriously considered slitting my wrists.  

I made cookies to go with the peach sundaes we will be having tonight when we entertain my grandparents, and ate lots of cookie dough.

I cleaned my bathroom.

I took a few pictures of my beloved (and stupid) dog, Kieffer.


I set Sidney Crosby up on a blind date.



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  1. Great post, it was very informative. I think its a must read.

  2. it’s my job to bring hard-hitting journalism like this to the world.

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