65 Reasons I Love A.M.O.: #17 Olympics, Part 2

August 12, 2008 at 11:50 am | Posted in 65 Reasons I Love A.M.O., Happy!!, Olympics | 1 Comment

Dear Readers, I am loving these Olympics more and more each day.  Michael Phelps is doing insanely well, and I have a hilarious picture of him celebrating the relay win going up on The Wall (to be explained later) as soon as I’m done here.  One of the guys on the Men Gymnast Team looks like he could be a fifth Staal brother, and Bush looks hilarious every time they show him.  It’s been good times.

However, in all this Olympics/I love Michael Phelps  craziness, I find myself thinking less and less about my one true love.  You can therefore imagine how nice it was to see this over at On Frozen Blog! (Many thanks, and lots of warm fuzzies, to OFB for all their posts I shamelessly use over here)  During the season it’s all Ovie, all the time, but in the summer things start to slow down.  Seeing this was just way too awesome.  I’m not even going to comment on what he’s wearing.  (Seriously, Alex?  Sweat pants and sandals?  I’m not sure…. But I do love the Team Russia sweatband)

It was just so great seeing him.  

Corinne, via text message: Hahahaha hes awesome!


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  1. Glad to help. 🙂

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