The Out-of-Town Sports Fan’s Guide to Buffalo

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In the spring of ’07, I went on a People to People trip to Washington, D.C. (this was before I loved the Caps)  I became very close friends with one of my roommates, and I’m really excited because, as part of their vacation, they are stopping at Niagara Falls.  As you know, the Falls are very close to Buffalo.  Duh.

Emily is really nice, and adorable when she watches hockey.  Twice during our stay in D.C. I had to take over the TV to watch the Sabres crush the Islanders (remember when the Sabres used to play playoff games, and win? *sigh*), and every time someone got checked she would wince.  It was really cute.  

My mom was giving her dad directions on the phone to our house yesterday night, and he asked how to get to Ralph Wilson Stadium.  My mom cautioned him that he probably wouldn’t be able to get in.  He said that was fine, he just wanted to see it.

Well, then.  None of us like the Bills all that much (it’s actually kind of a guilt thing that makes us watch them.  We feel like we have to), so we were a bit surprised.  They live near Penn State, so why would they want to see where the Bills play?

My grandparents were over when he called, and since they have both lived in Buffalo for more than eighty years, we started talking about all the sports places in Buffalo we could take them to.  I have compiled this list after our discussion, so in case there is ever a visiting sports fan, he or she knows where to go.

  • Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Bills and the first ever Winter Classic.
  • Tim Russert Highway.  Go Bills!
  • The house two streets over from here, where a Bills player used to live.  (we don’t remember who it was)
  • The house one street over, where the Milarkys used to live.  If we are lucky, the new owners will let us inside to see the weird decorating Mrs. Milarky did.  (Painted wood paneling?  Huh?)
  • The house one street over in the other direction, where I babysit.  It is the home of WBEN’s own Susan Rose, who is a huge Bills and Sabres fan.  (And yes, I have been on the radio, but not for sports.  Being the rad geek I am, I talked about Harry Potter last summer.  Oh yeah, I did.)
  • HSBC Arena, home of the Sabres and Bandits. Let’s go Buffalo!
  • Dunn Tire Park, home of the Bisons.
  • One of the Bills Personnel books we have, so we can show the people the picture of my dad from when he worked for the Bills.
  • The townhouse down the street from my grandparents, where Ralph Wilson himself lives.
  • A picture of the van we used to have.  Ralph Wilson once told my grandfather it was a very nice van.
  • St Franny’s, where Patrick Kaleta used to play.
  • South Buffalo, because I don’t know the exact location of the house Patrick Kane grew up in.
  • The Wegmen’s on Sheridan Drive.  If you go there during the regular season, you can see Teppo Numminen and his (supposedly gorgeous) wife or Jason Pominville (who is rumored to look about 15 years old off the ice) shopping in the best grocery store on the planet.
  • The house down the street from one of my dad’s co-workers, where the Brieres used to live.
  • The house up the street from my dad’s same co-worker, where the Dumonts used to live.
  • The Adam’s Mark Hotel, where traveling hockey teams stay.
  • Craig Burn Golf Club, where many Sabres (and ex-Sabres and other hockey players) belong.  You can chat with Michael Peca at the salad bar, observe the Birons enjoying fish fries, share a rain tent with Larry Quinn, hit balls on the driving range with Curtis Brown, and hang out in the pro shop with Todd Marchant.  (Actually, I will be skipping school in mid-September to sneak out to the course with my dad on the day of the Sabres Golf Tournament.)
  • My room, where you could find more pictures or magazines or newspaper articles or bobbleheads relating to hockey than you would ever see elsewhere in your life.

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