No Surprise For You

August 4, 2008 at 11:38 am | Posted in Sidney Crosby | Leave a comment

Sorry, Dear Readers.  I sent the picture I took with my cell phone out to some of my friends, since they agreed that no one in South Carolina cares about hockey, and no one could tell what it was except for Gena.  She knew, because her Sidney Crosby radar was up.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Sidney Crosby.  Who’da thunk that the only hockey fans in South Carolina would walk into the King Street Grille and be seated at the booth underneath the picture of Sidney Crosby saluting the crowds at the Winter Classic?  (Man, his thighs are big at such a close range.  You could land a plane on those things.  His custom-made jeans must be massive)  Then, being the super-cool people we are, my mom and I tried to see if the section of the crowd behind him was where he sat.  It wasn’t; it was the section underneath the scoreboard.   We were off to the side because our seats were outrageously kickass.

You won’t be able to see the picture of Sid, but because I am getting a new, non-fuckup memory card later today, I will be able to introduce you all to the bobbleheads.  They are very excited to be making their internet debut.


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