Sidney Crosby Doesn’t Date

August 3, 2008 at 12:33 pm | Posted in Mats Sundin, Maxim Afinogenov, Randomness, Sidney Crosby | 3 Comments

I was looking over my blog stats a few minutes ago, and I keep seeing that I get hit by people searching “sidney crosby date life,” etc.  I don’t see why you people bother.  I have a bit of news for you, so you can all stop searching.  (But by all means, keep coming back here!  We’ve got loads of stuff more interesting than Sid the Kid’s love life!!)

Sidney Crosby does not date.  His love life is basically nonexistent, unless you count hockey as a romantic companion.  And this isn’t just me being anti-Sid.  This is me tell you that in an interview, when asked if he had a girlfriend, Sidney replied, “It’s hard!!”      Yes, Sid.  Dating girls is very hard if your preferences are, er, different.

I have no problem with who he is as a person.  I just thought I would let you know that he doesn’t date.  Sorry, ladies.


I also found it hilarious that people keep searching “mats sundin wife” and “max afinogenov sexy” because a) I thought that Mats was just engaged.  I might be wrong.  I also might not care, and b) Max Afinogenov is the anti-sexy.  I really don’t get why he has all these teenaged girls swooning over him.  I certainly don’t swoon whenever he is mentioned.  I usually run for the next room.


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  1. Haha but I’ve seen Geno Malkin out at the clubs in Pittsburgh a few times. Veeeeeery interesting.

    ~Chris @

  2. Haha no Geno is straight lol. Just very trashy tho. I’d be interested to c those pics of him and Staal. But then again, maybe I don’t wanna c them…

    ~Chris @

  3. Well, don’t want to see them. You’ve sent me enough pix of guys in shorts for a lifetime.

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