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July 29, 2008 at 12:28 am | Posted in Pittsburgh Penguins, Randomness, Ryan Miller | 3 Comments

Hey y’all!  Internet access is hard to come by in Kiawah, and tonight I had no choice but to bike over to the East Beach Market for my computer fix.  I don’t have much time, and therefore won’t be able to give the comments the full attention they deserve, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t read them.  (Twihard, watch yourself.  Ovie is a Communist if I want Ovie to be a Communist)  I had a super special surprise planned for you dear readers, but but being the efficient packer I am I forgot my USB cord (as well as my Piggly Wiggly shirt.  I am such a failure when it comes to worshipping the Pig) and am unable to upload the pic from my camera. As soon as I return home I will show it to you, because it is proof that someone in the Carolinas actually does care about hockey.  Until then, a few more random thoughts:

My dad claims a kid walked by when we were in Freshfields, the loca village, wearing a Penguins shirt. I am rather disappointed that I was looking at pottery with my mother, because otherwise I would have shouted, “Let’s go Buffalo!!” at the top of my lungs.  Rats.

My chest and face and shoulders are killing me.  Sunburns suck ass, dude.

The totally hot guy on the beach I was flirting with turned out to be gay.  You have no idea how disappointing this was for me.

“I Kissed A Girl” has been stuck in my head for officially 23 hours.  

I should definitely write an FAQ page when I get home.  There are burning questions that need to be answered.  

I did not see a Ryan Miller clone at the Jasmine Porch the other night.  When we were here in February, I saw Crunchy’s clone, and for the rest of the night we made jokes that the reason the Sabres were sucking against the Penguins back in Buffalo was because Crunchy was enjoying some good Southern cooking.

Warm fuzzies to all the Brett Favre haters.  Seriously, this guy is driving me crazy.  He needs to go away.

That’s about all for now.  It’s getting dark and I have to bike home through the woods.  It may take a while for me to get another post up here, either because I didn’t have time to go to one of the wi-fi areas on the island or because I was killed on the way home tonight.  *sigh* the things I do for you readers…



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  1. Don’t be mad that Pens fans are everywhere!

    ~Chris @

  2. I just love how there are Sabres fans in South Carolina, and Penguins fans, but absolutely no Hurricanes fans.

  3. um yeah. first of all: I was right and you know it. Second of all, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Maybe that guy was laughing like that to make you go away. Burn!

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